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Hospital and Theatre Access Programme

Theatre access: foundation

The environment of the operating room can be intimidating and difficult in which to demonstrate or sell a product. It is, however, one of the areas of hospitals that utilise a great many new technologies and products requiring visitors from medical device companies to be present during surgery.

This course has been developed for anyone who may need theatre access in England to develop their knowledge and awareness of behaviours and risks, so that an appropriate response is given. It is intended this will reduce the risk to the patient, the representative and the company and avoid harm to all.


One module and a twenty question exam.

Learning outcomes

  • Ensure the safety of patients, staff and company representatives by providing the knowledge required for non-medical personnel to enter the operating room environment without increasing risk factors
  • Appreciate the importance of patient confidentiality and concerns over the presence of company representatives in the operating room
  • Identify correct admission criteria and be properly attired for different areas of access
  • Understand relevant issues for infection prevention, decontamination and sterilisation and how they relate to operating room practice
  • Understand health and safety issues in the environment relating to the personal safety of the company representative
  • Describe the roles of key personnel in the operating rooms
  • Give an overview of their role in the operating room and the hospital in relation to trials of new products and continuing support for the product

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