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Monthly performance figures for January confirm NHS targets not being met

How are A&Es and other NHS services performing?

A&E performance in January 2017 was the worst since records began in 2010 with 85.1% of patients being transferred or discharged within four hours, well below the target of 95%.

In cancer services, only 79.7% of patients with urgent GP referrals started treatment within 62 days, below the 85% standard.

The number of diagnostic tests undertaken in January 2017 was up by 3.2% on January 2016 and the number of tests in the past 12 months was up by 4.6%. But 1.7% of people waiting for a key diagnostic test at the end of the month had been waiting for six weeks or longer, while the standard is 1%.

Delays to transfers of care were also the worst since monthly records began. In January 2017 there were 197,053 delayed days, 37,413 more than in January 2016. At midnight on the last Thursday of the month there were 7,106 patients still waiting to be transferred to care from hospital.


  • The gradual spiral of decline continues, heaping pressure on the NHS and the government inĀ  turn. The figures reflect lack of capacity to combat bed shortages, emergency treatment, demand on diagnostic services and cancer referrals

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