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England Commissioning Map 2020-2021

Our new commissioning map provides detailed insight into commissioning services across England.



Product description

Our commissioning map plots the new shape of the clinical commissioning group landscape following NHS England’s decision to allow 74 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to merge at the start of April 2020 to establish 18 new ones. The new mergers have seen the total number of these organisations fall from 191 to 135.

CCGs are plotted by region and each region has then been colour-coded for easy reference with those CCGs working together depicted on the map with matching colour and shading.

So, whether you need to map your sales territories or to visualise the ever-changing boundaries of the commissioning landscape our England Commissioning Map provides the solution.

It also provides:

  • number of GPs practices per CCG
  • population stats per CCG footprint
  • organisation’s NHS Code

The map is B1 size for maximum visual effect, and gloss-coated for write-on/wipe-off purposes, making it the ideal tool for reference, plotting and planning.

Available as a printed copy, JPEG or PDF.