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Data, marketing and marketing insight

GP database

We know who’s who in the NHS. Our GP database is the most comprehensive and up-to-date available. Our team of researchers are trusted by the NHS, allows us to regularly verify and update our contact information, whilst providing the flexibility to tailor the data collected to meet our clients' needs.

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Our close relationship with the NHS (which often sources our data) and our Binley’s heritage means that we are a trusted source of GP data, keeping our response rates high and our return rates low. Whether for a marketing campaign or a research project, our GP data can be purchased for one-off use,  under license or as a CRM feed. You can also select our GP data with a variety of filters, to ensure you end up with a targeted dataset that suits your exact requirements and budget.

Additional healthcare databases:

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What’s new?

Check here to see what new healthcare data we are researching and the latest enhancements we are making to our customer data:

CCG Mergers
As of 1 April 2020, following a series of mergers, there are now 135 CCGs in England. This is a significant milestone in the journey towards integrated care. Wilmington Healthcare’s customer data covers these organisational changes and we have also updated our England Commissioning Map to reflect the new shape of the CCG landscape.

Private Hospitals
We have significantly increased the coverage of our private hospital data. We have over 15,000 key decision makers and clinical staff within private hospitals and private hospital headquarters. Including, coverage of doctors working in a number of therapy areas such as oncology, trauma & orthopedics, respiratory, urology, ophthalmology and many more.

Our data in this area is fully updated and validated – giving you both insight on and access to key decision makers in the private healthcare sector.

Cancer Alliances and Radiotherapy Networks
We hold contact data on all cancer alliances and cancer alliance board members. We can also identify cancer alliance stakeholders by sub specialty, across 26 cancer types.

During 2019, 11 Radiotherapy Networks were established in England. The networks facilitate meaningful partnership working, involving groups of NHS trusts and cancer alliances.  Their role is to improve care for patients by linking up cancer teams across sites and standardising processes.  All 11 Radiotherapy Networks are now reflected in our data, each with a named Chair.

To find out more about our oncology data and offering click here.

GP Clusters in Scotland and Wales
We have added GP Clusters in Scotland and Wales to our customer data. GP Clusters are neighbourhood-level primary care organisations typically made up of a collection of GP Practices, working together to improve care and wellbeing for their local population. Key contacts include:

GP Cluster Lead
Practice Quality Lead
Cluster Quality Lead

Dialysis centres
For renal dialysis, we have added the NHS and private locations that act as main or satellite dialysis units. Typically, patients are initially assessed and treated at a main site, then referred to a satellite site for ongoing treatment.

Genomics is becoming an important part of the healthcare agenda. The 100,000 Genomes project and, more recently, the launch of a national genomic medicine service aims to bring the benefits of personalised medicine to the NHS.

Our genomics data includes key organisations and decision makers involved in the implementation of genomic medicine policy at a national and regional level including; Genomics England, National Genomic Board, Genomic Central and Local Laboratory Hubs and Healthcare Interest Groups with a service of Genomics.

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CRM and data services

The lifeline of any successful business is its CRM system. You can have the most sophisticated software, but unless you populate it with accurate data and maintain the data integrity, then its value will be diminished. Wilmington Healthcare has over 470,000 contacts that can be selected from, integrated into and managed within your CRM system. For us, CRM also stands for clean, revalidate and maintain.

We offer:

  • Additional research
  • Rep-activated mailings
  • Managed lists
  • Integration with other datasets