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Life Science Industry Register

The Life Science Industry (LSI) Register is the new registry that life science industry employees (Pharma and MedTech) will need to join in order to access those trusts that have adopted the MIA scheme.

The transition from the Medical Industries Accredited (MIA) hospital card and appointment system began in July 2019 in order to create the LSI Register. Wilmington Healthcare has used this transition to make it simpler for our customers to gain the necessary accreditation by providing modules that aim to support the aims of the Register, covering those areas that can be delivered through online training.

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A new register to replace MIA

What does this mean for current users of the MIA scheme?

Holders of the MIA card will still have the same level of access to hospitals as they do now – MIA cards are still valid. Card holders have until 30 July 2020 to meet the LSI Register Level requirements.

Do I need to be on the LSI Register?

Only if you need to access hospitals that have signed up to MIA card scheme (now only issued as LSI accreditation when approved by the Registry). There are, of course, other card providers, most notably IntelliCentrics, and trusts that have signed up to other schemes will not accept the LSI credential.

Please note that neither Wilmington Healthcare nor any other training provider is endorsed by the Life Science Industry Register and in all circumstances, admission to the Register is solely at the discretion of the LSI Register itself.

A simpler, more efficient way to achieving your accreditation with Wilmington Healthcare

We have simplified our approach to accreditation to make this transition as seamless and convenient as possible, creating a specific module for each Level of the new Registry (there are three levels). This will save you time and give you confidence that you have covered everything for the level you need, that can be achieved through online learning and it’s all in one place.

NB: you may have noticed that some training providers have simply added large numbers of modules to their existing courses, meaning more work for you if you wish to be LSI accredited.

Where can you find the new LSI courses?

You can book your hospital access course here

If you already have access to the Digital Learning Academy Hospital access course and modules, then you already have access to the LSI modules as they are now live. You can access them her. Alternatively, if you would prefer to discuss gaining access to the new LSI courses for you or your team, then please complete the form below.

Our modules:

Life Science Registry Level 1

  • This level applies to those who have interaction with healthcare professionals, but no interaction or contact with patients or relatives other than in areas open to the general public (for example, the majority of sales representatives, marketing managers, service and installation engineers).

Life Science Registry Level 2

  • This level applies to those who interact with healthcare professionals and with patients or relatives in areas where no invasive procedures are taking place (for example, a nurse adviser, clinical research adviser and some sales representatives).

Life Science Registry Level 3

  • This level applies to those who interact with healthcare professionals and with patients or relatives in areas where invasive procedures are taking place (for example, sales support for some medtech products clinical specialists).

So, if you want to be registered at Life Science Registry Level 1, you complete our Digital Learning Academy LSI Level 1 module, take the short test and receive your certificate of competence. This is all you will need to achieve registration with the LSI at Level 1. The same applies for the other Levels – one module per Level.

We have also created a new ‘overview’ module ‘The LSI Register – what is it and how does it work?’, which explains the new registry and how companies and employees should engage with it. This module should be read by everyone in your organisation who needs to understand the LSI Registry.