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Digital learning Academy

Understanding Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

Understand what the new Primary Care Networks are, what they do and how Life Science Industry professionals can engage with them effectively.

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Wilmington Healthcare has the most up-to-date information on the newly-forming Primary Care Networks (PCNs), helping you to understand who’s who, what they do and what their priorities are. Our new course from the Digital Learning Academy will quickly get your sales teams up to speed and enable them to engage effectively with their new NHS customers.

The 1,259 primary care networks (PCNs) are GP-led organisations delivering services in the community at local level. PCNs are a new management structure and therefore an important new area that many in industry need to understand.

Key answers you will find in the course include:

  • What PCNs are
  • What PCNs are expected to do
  • How PCNs are funded
  • The job role responsible for leading a PCN
  • Where the new staff will be based and what we know about their roles
  • How PCNs are structured
  • What think-tanks and other commentators are saying about PCNs

Our specialist courses are curated by experts from Wilmington Healthcare who understand both the NHS and industry (including Health Service Journal). Complete the form below to request a demonstration and find out more about how our courses can empower your team to build knowledge and confidence to work with the NHS. You can download our latest course brochure on the right.


Join the conversation: What are Primary Care Networks?

View our coffee conversation below, filmed as PCNs came on the scene earlier this year, to get a taste of the Digital Learning Academy’s brand of real-world learning. Scroll down to complete the form and find out more.