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Sustainability and environment policies in the NHS – new module

This module will help you to understand what the environmental and sustainability policies are and how they are currently being implemented in order to match the requirements of your NHS clients

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NHS suppliers are increasingly liable to be compared with competitors on environmental and sustainability criteria, in addition to the traditional criteria of cost, quality, suitability, availability and service.

The NHS has had sustainability and environment policies for many years, in line with government, European and world-wide laws and initiatives, but more recently, the political agenda has become more urgent following mounting global evidence of environmental harms and growing concerns over illegal working conditions.

Commissioners and procurement teams are under pressure to make decisions based on criteria including the environmental impacts of manufacturing and transportation, social impacts and employment practices.

This module will help you to:

  • Learn what the new environmental and sustainability criteria are
  • Understand the laws and regulations behind them
  • Find out how sustainability and environment policies are being used, how their application varies between organisations

in order to meet your NHS clients’ environment and sustainability requirements.

The module reviews the legal and regulatory situation, looks at some examples of policies being followed by NHS organisations, and discusses how copies of these key documents can be obtained.

By taking the module you will learn:

  • What are sustainability and environmental policies?
  • National aims, legislation and regulations
  • NHS England policy
  • What is a sustainable development management plan?
  • Example SDMPs: Gain insights into management plans from real-life examples we show you from foundation trusts and a clinical commissioning group


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