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Education and training

For the most effective way of increasing your NHS market access, sales and partnerships, Wilmington Healthcare provides a range of expert online and face-to-face training offerings, including the Digital Learning Academy, webinars, face to face to training and sector specific events and seminars.

Sustainability and environment policies in the NHS – new module

This module will help you to understand what the environmental and sustainability policies are and how they are currently being implemented in order to match the requirements of your NHS clients

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Digital Learning Academy

The leading online NHS learning resource for NHS suppliers, the Digital Learning Academy provides easy access to the greatest depth and breadth of NHS knowledge. Users will build their credibility with NHS customers, creating effective partnerships and delivering commercial success.

Available on any device, you can build knowledge and confidence through interactive content, anytime, anywhere.

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Understanding Primary Care Networks (PCNs) – new course

Understand what the new Primary Care Networks are, what they do and how Life Science Industry professionals can engage with them effectively.

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Key account management (KAM) – new course

“Creating value through partnerships with healthcare systems and the broader community of healthcare stakeholders”, something that becomes reality when you employ effective key account management.

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Mental Health in the NHS – new course

The NHS long-term plan (LTP) will make many changes to the ways in which services in England for people with mental health or dementia are organised.

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Hospital and Theatre Access Courses

Part of the Digital Learning Academy, our suite of online hospital and theatre access courses are recognised in the healthcare industry as the gold standard. Fully accredited, our expert training qualifies you to be present in either theatre or acute care environments and is accepted by the Life Science Industry Register (formerly MIA), IntelliCentrics and Who Are You Ltd, so you are not restricted or tied to any one scheme.

Our comprehensive course suite includes: Life Science Industry Register; Theatre access; ABHI Code of Ethical Business Practice 2018; Introduction to the NHS; Acute care; Blood borne pathogens; Infection control; Radiation protection; SDMA Code of Practice

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Oncology in the NHS

Since 2015 NHS England has made cancer a key part of its ongoing reform of the NHS. Achieving world-class cancer outcomes was published alongside the Five Year Forward View and focused on prevention, diagnosis, survival, patient experience and quality of life. Delivering world class cancer outcomes focused on the stakeholders and networks who would be needed to improve the service.

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NHS Long-term Plan

Arguably the most important NHS policy document since the publication of the Five year forward view, the NHS long-term plan sets out the direction of travel for the NHS in England for the next ten years, including changes to commissioning and buying of services.

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Life Science Industry Register

The Life Science Industry (LSI) Register is the new registry that life science industry employees (Pharma and MedTech) will need to join in order to access those trusts that have adopted the MIA scheme.

The transition from the Medical Industries Accredited (MIA) hospital card and appointment system began in July 2019 in order to create the LSI Register. Wilmington Healthcare has used this transition to make it simpler for our customers to gain the necessary accreditation by providing modules that aim to support the aims of the Register, covering those areas that can be delivered through online training.

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HIV and the changing approach to prevention and care – new course

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevention and care is changing rapidly. Our new course on the Digital Learning Academy reviews recent developments and provides links to useful information about each of them.

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Tailored in-company training

Structured face-to-face in-house training delivering bespoke courses on a range of healthcare topics at a location, timescale and format to meet the specific needs of your business. Benefit from your own personal in-house trainer with expertise, experience and knowledge of the NHS, therapy areas and new models of care.

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Face-to-face events

Our seminar series has been developed to give a 360° view of the ever-changing NHS landscape, help you understand the marketplace and build successful relationships with the NHS. It enables delegates to speak directly with experts at the forefront of transformational change and gain real world insights from NHS leaders to better understand their challenges.

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Our online learning programme and seminars are complemented by a series of webinars. In the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of the NHS, it's important that you keep up to date with the latest challenges, priorities and ways of working faced by the NHS, and a webinar is the perfect medium to allow you have an in-depth update if you're short on time.

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