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Healthcare insight

Formulary insights and competitive landscape

Our real-world formulary insights provide a true picture of the status of products at indication level, alongside an up to date view of market activities across the competitive landscape.

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Key benefits

InFormulary XD gives you unparalleled insight into formulary coverage and positioning, allowing you to understand what’s really happening in the local health economies that matter to you. 

  • Support your product, by indication, at any stage of the product lifecycle 
  • Indication-level competitive landscape, at a glance 
  • Streamline your KAM strategy with actionable insight 
  • Our unique blend of datasets, real-world evidence and qualitative insights informs targeted brand and key account planning

InFormulary XD uses a unique blend of data and real-world evidence to provide an objective view of your product’s current status in the context of the competitive landscape by indication, on formularies and within guidelines and connected to decision makers. ​​

Healthcare market

Build a simple, visual and accessible view of formulary status in the UK healthcare market, across your therapy area and territory. Understand your product status within your NHS localities and create a compelling go-to-market plan to improve or maintain its position.

Formulary analytics

Incorporate medicines management intelligence to see in depth insight into market share, sales and growth for you and your competitor products.Achieve an understanding of formulary dynamics – not just for your brand but for the whole competitive environment. 

Healthcare insights

InFormulary XD is more than just a tracking platform. Our connected data allows you to quickly identify the people and places with direct influence on the adoption pathway and implementation of your indication. You can also access key NHS documents associated to your product indication and target formularies.

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  • “I'd imagine the primary care teams would use this all the time ”

  • “This would be like gold dust”

[Webinar] Medicines funding: What happens now?

Watch our on-demand webinar as Paul Midgley, Steve How and Anusha Patel, NHS Regional Homecare Lead for the East Midlands and High Cost Medicines Pharmacist explore how medicines funding is changing and who now holds the budgets. As part of this, we discuss what impact has Covid had on prescribing patterns – and what are the opportunities and threats here?

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[Download] Supporting the NHS customer: The 5Ps for success

Download our whitepaper, Supporting the new NHS customer: The 5Ps for success. In the paper we ask the question ‘How can Industry begin to re-engage with the NHS with the service in flux and interaction so compromised?’ The answers are explored through the five areas of patients, practitioners, pathways, partnerships and prescribing.

As part of this, we consider the importance of emerging prescribing patterns and what this might mean for your product, by indication, and target formularies.

[Webinar] How is the NHS reset affecting prescribing and formularies?

Watch our on-demand webinar as Paul Midgley, Sarah Shield and Steve How explore the progress of the NHS reset campaign and examine how senior leaders within industry should respond to better support their NHS customers.

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