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Healthcare Transformation Tracker

The Healthcare Transformation Tracker is a market intelligence and planning tool offering fast and easy access to healthcare transformation priorities and objectives, key personnel and organisations specific to your business; enabling you to gain richer insights and engagement with your customers.

Healthcare  insight

As sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) become integrated care systems, and an increasing number of clinical commissioning groups form working alliances, keeping ahead of the ever-changing NHS is fast becoming a full-time job in itself.

To help you, Wilmington Healthcare has produced the Healthcare Transformation Tracker.

The Healthcare Transformation Tracker gives you unprecedented access to the latest developments and insight into how the NHS landscape is changing at a local level.

Features include:

  • Online dashboard
    source information in one place and compare organisations at-a-glance
  • Overview and priorities
    understand your customers’ objectives, needs and priorities
  • Map
    easily identify the footprint of difference local healthcare economies
  • Personnel
    identify who’s who and what their responsibilities are
  • Contact information
    reach decision makers, key influencers and implementers
  • Key stats: budget | population | age/gender splits | financial performance | NHS ratings
    identify STPs, ICSs and CCGs with the greatest capability to adopt change
  • Population and budget information
    compare populations sizes and review budget allocations by organisation
  • Document extracts
    pinpoint relevant information from key NHS plans quickly and easily
  • Quick and easy search functionality
    select a search term relevant to your area of focus and view the specific extracts relating to local healthcare economy

Enhanced data

Take the time and stress out of data collection, analysis and reporting by combining the Healthcare Transformation Tracker with other data sources:

  • Prescribing data
  • Prevalence data
  • Published data
  • Your organisation’s own data e.g. territories, formulary statuses, call rates, accessibility data, sales and sales target data


key benefits

Stay on top of the new arrangements for procurement and changes to product use under GIRFT

Understand each commissioning area’s aspirations and keep abreast of their developments and priorities to position your offering effectively

Understand the changing stakeholder map as decision-making units cross territorial and care sector boundaries and virtual groupings crop up

Understand how NHS transformation affect budgets, formulary decisions and procurement

Truly engage customers by understanding their operating models, needs, language, priorities and objectives

Compare local health economies and identify those with the greatest capability to adopt change – optimise your efforts around your most profitable customers

Identify market opportunities and unmet needs and focus your territory key account plans with confidence

Locate and contact key decision makers and influencers within the NHS

Pinpoint relevant information from key NHS plans quickly and easily to help you define opportunities and inform conversation

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