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Healthcare insight

Specialty-focused data and insights

Quantitative and qualitative data and healthcare insights, precisely tailored to a disease or indication, providing a deeper understanding of the national and local disease-specific agenda to inform planning.

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Specialism XD (formerly Specialism in Focus) provides the capability to focus in on a specific disease area with precision. In Specialism XD, we blend a suite of quantitative and qualitative data and healthcare insights that can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring your teams have access to all the relevant organisations, groups of specialists or decision makers across your territories. This is further enhanced with datasets such as QOF, prescribing dataor key indicators.    

Part of the Investigator XD suite of solutions, Specialism XD allows you to drill down into very specific disease areas, with the option of integrating data and insights from the wider collection of assets, such as formularies and guidance or market intelligence on key specialties.

All of this is delivered via our cloud technology, meaning it’s easier to configure and implement and is accessible to all your internal stakeholders when they need it.


Key benefits

Specialism XD is an insight and planning resource for market access, brand, marketing and key account teamsThe benefits of Specialism XD will allow you to drive more effective customer interactions with greater efficiency: 

  • Shape brand strategy and insight for key accounts around your disease 
  • Ensure resource allocation is appropriate to identified key accounts 
  • Acts as a central information resource for in-depth analysis of local health economies’ priorities 
  • Give greater confidence to teams, accessing compliant information 
  • Insights enable customer-facing teams to tailor their conversations to the national or local disease-specific agenda 
  • As a single source of all your disease-specific insight, Specialism XD eliminates the need to conduct extensive research from multiple sources