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£100m earmarked for health service reform in Northern Ireland

Will cash help to achieve much-needed reform Northern Ireland’s health and care service?

The UK government has announced a budget for Northern Ireland which aims to address key pressures in health and education.

The budget for 2018/19 includes a real terms 2.6% increase for the Northern Ireland Department of Health, but the Northern Ireland finance department admits that as cost pressures are increasing, there will be difficult challenges in meeting demand.

The finance department said that £100m would be allocated to progress health transformation. This money is part of the confidence and supply agreement which gives an additional £1bn pounds to Northern Ireland in return for the DUP’s support for the Conservative government at Westminster.

A further £10m will be invested in mental health, £20m in tackling severe deprivation, and £80m to tackle health and education pressures.

Further information

Department of Finance: NI Budget 2018-19 announced