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What we do

Healthcare insight

Our tools and analysis provide you with market leading insight across the full spectrum of health and social care at a national, regional or local level that will inform your strategy, enable precision planning and tactics, and ensure you add value to your NHS customers to better support patients.

The changing landscape in cancer care

Wilmington Healthcare has worked closely with NHS and industry cancer stakeholders for some years. With our unique range of services and oncology expertise we can enable partnership and engagement with the NHS and help you tailor your value proposition to optimise your results.

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Formulary insights and competitive landscape

Our real-world formulary insights provide a true picture of the status of products at indication level, alongside an up to date view of market activities across the competitive landscape.

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Investigator XD

Investigator XD is a data solution that provides a single point of access to an extensive range of healthcare data and insight assets, allowing pharma, medtech, life sciences companies and suppliers to the NHS to employ precision planning to access target NHS customers and markets.

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Specialty-focused data and insights

Quantitative and qualitative data and healthcare insights, precisely tailored to a disease or indication, providing a deeper understanding of the national and local disease-specific agenda to inform planning.

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Specialist Share Data

Specialist Share Data allows you to understand patient treatments, by disease at individual hospital trust and devolved board level. The data can be tailored by product and indication, meaning the ability to understand prescribing behaviours and brand usage by indication, by account is now a reality.

Specialist Share Data reveals how your products are being prescribed allowing you to compare with your competitors.

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NHS Maps

Our maps represent the very latest healthcare organisations across the UK and include a comprehensive NHS map of the UK. Our England commissioning map shows all Integrated Care Systems (ICS). Available in print or digitally, the NHS maps are useful for anyone working within, or supplying products and services to, the NHS.

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Market segmentation: local health economies

Maintain your competitive edge with unique insights that support the development of local tactics and value propositions tailored to meet the specific needs of key market segments.

Our unique segmentation tools provide detailed insight into the levels of sophistication by organisation and footprint within the local health economy environment.

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