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Healthcare insight

Specialist Share Data

Specialist Share Data allows you to understand patient treatments, by disease at individual hospital trust and devolved board level. The data can be tailored by product and indication, meaning the ability to understand prescribing behaviours and brand usage by indication, by account is now a reality.

Specialist Share Data reveals how your products are being prescribed allowing you to compare with your competitors.

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Enhanced market insight revealing how your products are being prescribed

Specialist Share Data provides unique insight into how your products are really being prescribed and how your direct competitors compare. So, whether you are looking to assess competitor threats or understand the size of a relevant patient universe, Specialist Share Data provides the specialist care treatment insight required.

Presenting the most granular prescribing data available. Allowing you to focus by therapy area, product and indication, region and at every level of the NHS providing an outstanding tool to understand prescribing behaviour. See how Specialist Share Data can work for you.

Based on a unique and highly accurate data set built on 10 years’ experience of working with trusts or their devolved equivalents you can see and understand exactly what your market share is for every product and how it ranks against your competitors.

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Key benefits

  • Understand the reality of patient treatments at a product level or by indication split
  • Discover how your products are really being prescribed.
  • Presents competitor information and market split of licensed indications.
  • Provides market share information by product using prescribing behaviours and brand usage.
  • Assess the potential threat posed by biosimilar uptake or new market entrants.
  • Delivers a unique insight into specialist care treatment, covering a wide range of therapy areas.
  • “Whether you are considering how best to manage your existing portfolio of products or planning new launches, Specialist Share Data is an invaluable tool that delivers real actionable insight.”