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What we do

NHS service improvement

Part of our ethos is to deliver sustainable outcomes both for our clients and the NHS. We use data, analysis, visualisation and service modelling techniques to make this a reality.

Supporting the NHS post-covid-19

At Wilmington Healthcare we have adapted our tools and methodologies to help our customers better support the NHS through the pandemic and beyond.

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We support pharma, medtech, patient charities and the NHS in the innovation, adoption and implementation of services and products.

With our depth and breadth of NHS and healthcare industry experience we are an enabler of change for our clients and the NHS.

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Quantis – data visualisation solutions

Quantis delivers real world healthcare insights that help you understand the ever-changing health and care landscape. It supports your case for change with real-world data and insights through interactive dashboards and reports, helping you to connect and collaborate more effectively with your NHS customers.

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Quantis COVID-19 Impact Tracker

The Quantis COVID-19 Impact Tracker tool provides a visual understanding of where patients are most at risk of developing further complications due to decreases in patient flows and delayed procedures. Quickly translate this into actionable insight about where you can provide efficiencies and pathway changes to support your NHS customer in addressing the challenging months ahead.

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Quantis Inequalities Tracker

Our new Quantis Inequalities Dashboard provides a frequently updated set of visualisations so you can identify areas where patients have unequal access to care and where they are most at risk of developing further health complications.

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Disease insight reports

Disease insight reports are based on analysis from real world evidence. Reports are often produced in partnership with a third party, for example, a charity or a strategic clinical network to review activity in specific areas to help identify trends, gaps or inefficiencies in patient care. Disease insight reports create interest from the market by offering high-quality thought leadership and highlighting opportunities to improve services and care.

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