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NHS service improvement

Commissioning Excellence offers services for commissioners, providers and NHS suppliers that use data analysis and service modelling to deliver improved service delivery and improved patient outcomes.

Headache and migraine disease insight report

Our latest disease insight report explores the impact headache and migraine have on admissions and reflects on how improved commissioning of services can help to reduce admissions through better management of patients.

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Commissioning excellence

Commissioning Excellence focuses on service redesign and stakeholder engagement with the NHS and third sector. It provides expert commissioning support services through a model of co-production, as one of NHS England's recognised niche specialist providers.

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Schizophrenia disease insight report

Measuring the burden of schizophrenia: A cross sectional analysis of the Mental Health Services Data Set and the English Hospital Episode Statistics data set.

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Multiple sclerosis disease insight report

“Measuring the burden of hospitalisation in multiple sclerosis: A cross-sectional analysis of the English Hospital Episode Statistics database 2009-2014”

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Disease insight reports

Disease insight reports are based on analysis from real world evidence. Reports are often produced in partnership with a third party, for example, a charity or a strategic clinical network to review activity in specific areas to help identify trends, gaps or inefficiencies in patient care. Disease insight reports create interest from the market by offering high-quality thought leadership and highlighting opportunities to improve services and care.

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Wessex neurology intelligence disease insight report

There was a look of incredulity from a patient representative: “How can you possibly develop a neurology strategy without data?” This would seem self-evident to most people, but the simple fact is, there has been relatively little use of data to help support service redesign strategy in neurology.

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Acquired brain injury insight report

Our latest report published in collaboration with the charity UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) highlights that many hospital admissions in England for acquired brain injury (ABI) caused by trauma involve people aged over 75.

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Quantis delivers real world insights into the NHS that help you understand the ever-changing landscape. It supports your case for change with real-world data and insight, adding value to your NHS customer relationship.

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Parkinson’s Disease insight report

Following our initial analysis of the burden of hospitalisation in Parkinson's Disease, we have recently reviewed the data to understand whether any improvements have been made in reducing avoidable hospital admissions.

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