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NHS service improvement

Quantis – data visualisation solutions

Quantis delivers real world healthcare insights that help you understand the ever-changing health and care landscape. It supports your case for change with real-world data and insights through interactive dashboards and reports, helping you to connect and collaborate more effectively with your NHS customers.

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When it’s insight you need, not data

The NHS is one of the largest and most complex environments to fully understand, so when its insight you need, not data, you need our range of Quantis solutions. They deliver the real-world evidence you need to tell your story.

With Quantis you can access intelligent insight, at a national or localised level whenever you need it, helping your NHS customer by:

  • Identifying where service efficiencies and patient outcomes can be improved
  • Increasing the appropriate diagnosis, management and awareness of a disease
  • Mapping performance locally and nationally where specialist teams/resources are in place
  • Providing collaborative service solutions that address healthcare inequalities
  • Generating reliable real-world evidence to inform your customer decision makers

Discover how Quantis aligns your strategy with the needs of the NHS

Insight delivered where you need it most

Quantis allows you to see the complete picture of the exact area pertinent to your customer. Utilising over five-years of healthcare data from multiple health and social care sources, there is a Quantis solution to meet your specific needs:

Key benefits

Quantis translates healthcare data into actionable insight that supports industry in improving patient pathways and outcomes.

  • Demonstrate to your customer how you can improve patient outcomes and identify variations in treatment
  • Support your value proposition with real-world data and intelligence
  • Align your strategy with the needs of the NHS
  • Powered by five-years of healthcare data, Quantis provides a full longitudinal analysis of patient pathways
  • Our experienced, specialist consultants will help define your objectives and develop a solution tailored for you
  • “The Quantis portal has been worth the wait! Really, really delighted with it, and such key insight now available for use in our clinical engagements. There is no doubt that this portal is going to accelerate our plans to create value NHS, empowering the teams with critical data insight….”

    Mark Hart (MD) NHS Supply Chain Tower 6
  • “Quantis enables you to work in partnership with your NHS customer to identify the case for change”