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What we do

We understand our customers’ complex requirements.

We will provide you with the intelligence you need to achieve the desired outcomes both for patients and your organisation. Your success is our success.

As part of our commitment to providing the best available healthcare insights, we have access to NHS datasets under license with NHS Digital. For full information, read more.

Healthcare  insight

Healthcare insight

Our data insight tools and reports aid decision making and understanding of the NHS market and prescribing data.

  • Disease insight reports
  • Bespoke analytics
  • Trackers, including the STP tracker and formulary tracker
  • Medicines management dashboard
  • Specialist share data
  • Segmentation tools
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Education and training

Education and training

Essential training for commercial, pharma and medtech teams to understand the NHS, including clinical areas and compliance. Online and offline events to upskill your workforce and increase their knowledge.

  • Online training powered by Wellards
  • Hospital and theatre access accreditation
  • In-company training
  • Seminars and webinars
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Data, marketing and marketing insight

Data, marketing and marketing insight

Our up-to-date contacts database of over 470,000 healthcare professionals allows our clients to identify and connect with the NHS.

  • Contacts databases
  • Online tools to help you understand the parts of the healthcare market you need to access (includes people, places, documents, maps, data and more)
  • Marketing services, including email, direct mail and microsites
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NHS service improvement

NHS service improvement

Commissioning Excellence offers services for commissioners and providers that use data analysis and service modelling to deliver improved service delivery and improved patient outcomes.

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