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NHS service improvement

Quantis COVID-19 Impact Tracker

The Quantis COVID-19 Impact Tracker tool provides a visual understanding of where patients are most at risk of developing further complications due to decreases in patient flows and delayed procedures. Quickly translate this into actionable insight about where you can provide efficiencies and pathway changes to support your NHS customer in addressing the challenging months ahead.

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In the entire history of the NHS, there has been no greater challenge than that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wilmington Healthcare has produced a highly-visual, easy to interpret tracking solution which enables you and your teams to visualise, interpret and assess the impact of COVID-19 on the NHS now and in the future.

Gain insight into the key issues affecting your therapy area, partnering with the NHS to incorporate the most efficient and effective treatment pathways in this unprecedented time.

Some examples of insights you can garner include:

  • Impact on patient flows and admission rates during the peak of the virus outbreak, through to recovery and any subsequent peaks
  • View by your therapy-related specialty, diagnosis (or sub-specialty) or procedure, the changes in activity month by month compared to previous 2-year trends
  • Assess the complications and risk of re-admission for patients that have had COVID-19
  • Understand the volume of patients that have not received their planned treatment and the risks this could pose; assess where you can provide efficiencies and pathway changes to address the challenging months ahead
  • As the COVID-19 burden reduces, identify the areas and referral patterns that will require your support to provide the most effective treatment and care

Covid 19 coronavirus tracker

Key benefits

The tracker allows you to view the areas where patients are most at risk of developing further complications due to the decrease in patient flows and procedures being delayed.

Demonstrate the value in providing effective care within the most appropriate setting, freeing up capacity for secondary care providers to perform surgery and other priority treatments that have been put on hold up until now. View the areas where patients accessing certain services have decreased the most in order to drive this change.

Compare and continue to monitor the number of patients that are delaying presentation into hospital based on the same months in the previous year in order to assess the risk of them developing more severe complications or overwhelming hospital services once they re-open.

Engage with the NHS to understand the likelihood of patients with COVID-19 returning for further care, the impact this will have on services relating to your therapy area going forwards, and how a further wave may continue to build a bubble of patients that remain uninvestigated and untreated.

The Covid-19 Impact Tracker is part of the Quantis suite of tools, designed to support industry in improving patient pathways and outcomes.

Quantis provides tailored, actionable insight which enables you to:

  • Demonstrate to your customer how you can improve patient outcomes and identify variations in treatment
  • Support your value proposition with real-world data and intelligence
  • Align your strategy with the needs of the NHS

Find out more about how Quantis can benefit you here.

  • “The Quantis portal has been worth the wait! Really, really delighted with it, and such key insight now available for use in our clinical engagements. There is no doubt that this portal is going to accelerate our plans to create value NHS, empowering the teams with critical data insight….”

    Mark Hart (MD) NHS Supply Chain Tower 6
  • “Quantis enables you to work in partnership with your NHS customer to identify the case for change”