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Healthcare insight

Investigator XD

Investigator XD is a data solution that provides a single point of access to an extensive range of healthcare data and insight assets, allowing pharma, medtech, life sciences companies and suppliers to the NHS to employ precision planning to access target NHS customers and markets.

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Key benefits

Investigator XD is go-to product for:

  • Informing precision planning at strategic or tactical level
  • Identifying and monitoring priorities for your target local health economies
  • Building relationships with NHS customers who influence purchasing and prescribing decisions
  • Understanding the competitive landscape, related to your own product
  • Saving you time: with all the relevant data and insights available to your teams in one place, there’s no longer any need to spend hours on search engines or trawling through NHS websites
  • Qualitative insights to help explain the data or why decisions have been taken

Investigator XD – Essential NHS information and intelligence in one place

With the option to select from a wide range of healthcare data assets you can create the insight package that suits your business needs. Our data and insights include:

Specialty-focused data and insights

Quantitative and qualitative data and insights are precisely tailored to a disease or indication providing a deeper understanding of the disease-specific national and local agenda to inform planning. Specialism XD allows you to drill down into very a specific disease, pulling all information together for your teams in one place.

Formulary and guidance data and insights

A blend of data and real-world evidence to provide an objective view of drug formulary and guideline status in the context of the competitive landscape by indication. This is connected to decision makers and related documentary insights.

Healthcare personnel

Access our database of more than 450k UK healthcare professionals, including all areas of responsibilities, specialties and places of work (physical and virtual). Available as a whole dataset or as modules.

NHS documents and priorities

Find out what your NHS customers are talking about with access to c200k documents published by the NHS and selected healthcare organisations collated and tagged to allow search for topics and keywords relevant to your business interest.

Specialist share data

Provides in-depth insight on patient treatment (what a drug is prescribed for), market share and competitive landscape for chronic diseases in secondary care and community care.