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Alliance calls for ‘new partnership’ post-Brexit

What measures should pharma and medtech take to thrive in the post-Brexit world?

A medical, industry and research group has called for a new partnership between the EU and the UK to protect patients following Brexit.

In a briefing, the Brexit Health Alliance sets out how patients across Europe have benefited from medical research collaboration over the years. The alliance worries that withdrawing from the EU could put collaboration at risk.

BHA calls for:

  • a positive future co-operation model for research and innovation between the UK and the EU, which includes UK involvement in EU-funding programmes and which supports health
    research, innovation networks and clinical trials
  • a migration system to attract researchers and innovators
  • continued UK participation in european reference networks for rare and complex diseases
  • maximum co-operation and harmonisation of frameworks governing regulation of medical research, medicines and medical devices; in particular, continued engagement with key regulatory bodies and shared infrastructures, including the new EU Clinical Trials Regulation

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