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Britons want to pay more for NHS

Can a tax hike save the NHS?

A social research agency says that its recent social attitudes survey indicates that the British public is more open to paying higher taxes and spending more.

The British Social Attitudes survey 34 was carried out between July and October 2017 by NatCen. Think-tank the King’s Fund sponsors part of the survey.

According to the data, 86% of respondents are concerned about the NHS (an increase of 14% points on last year). About 61% of respondents support tax rises to increase NHS funding (an increase of 12% on last year).

As to the form of the tax increase, 35% would stand behind a separate tax, or a hypothecated tax, to go directly to the NHS, while 26% would pay more through their existing taxes. And 21% of respondents were open to increased costs to health service users.

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