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Developing a regional intelligence report to inform neurology services design

“How can you possibly develop a neurology strategy without data?” There has been relatively little use of data to help support service redesign strategy in neurology; until now.

The Scenario

The Neurology Intelligence Report is the result of close working between a number of organisations including the Strategic Clinical Network for Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions, Wessex CLAHRC, and the regional organisation of the National Institute of Health Research. It was recognised that it was not possible to create a neurology strategy without data although previously there had been little use of data when it came to service redesign strategy.

The objectives

  • To develop a clearer picture of neurology service provision in Wessex
  • To link neurology data analysis with practical examples of how neurology services have been improved in other areas across the country with the aim of improving services in Wessex

The outcome / Results

The report authors found that in many cases, minor illnesses, which could potentially have been assessed, treated and managed proactively, were responsible for admissions of people with neurological conditions who were admitted to hospital, or seen as outpatients. This has enabled service redesign to take place in a number of areas for example see the report here.