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Using campaign packages to increase conversion

An example of database emailing and tracking analytics.

The scenario

The University of Warwick provides a range of medical qualifications, including Postgraduate Education, Research Degrees and Integrated Academic Training aimed at healthcare professionals.

The objective

The university wanted to increase bookings onto their medical qualifications via email communications.

The outcome

Wilmington Healthcare’s campaign packages service increased the university’s email open rates by more than 150 percent.

Targeted and intelligent email marketing


There are various course intakes throughout the year and the university usually works on a tight deadline to target healthcare audiences for these courses.


After reading the brief, we used our database of more than 470,000 healthcare professionals to identify key segments of individuals who could be a prospective fit for the university, using filters such as job responsibilities and location.

The university had previously used our ‘single-send’ email service. This time, we advised the university to use our ‘campaign package’ service, which enables the optimisation of a series of emails, from initial set-up to monitoring recipient behaviour and analytics. We advised on the best approach at each stage of the campaign, and followed up with a different messages depending on how particular audience members interacted with previous emails.

Reports of activity and potential leads were then given to the university’s marketing department.


The outcome / Results

The overall performance was much better with the campaign-based approach, as illustrated in Figure 1 (see PDF download on the right-hand side of the page).

Wilmington Healthcare’s campaign packages service increased the university’s email open rates by more than 150 percent, compared to their previous single-send emails.

Campaign reports provided the university with a range of intelligence, including evidence of how long it takes recipients to interact, topics of interest and which device they use to view emails, all of which helps the university build better campaigns in future.

What our client said

We always get a great service. Data is turned around really quickly and the team are always happy to suggest new approaches to reach our audiences.

Sarah Hill, University of Warwick.

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