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Commissioners’ pounds are losing value

NHS pressures put squeeze on commissioners’ cash

Funds allocated to commissioners are not keeping pace with rising inflation and a growing population, according to NHS Clinical Commissioners.

The organisation, which bills itself as the voice of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), has published an infographic, The shrinking value of the commissioning pound, to explain the nuances of the situation.

Although funds allocated to CCGs are increasing each year, various pressures mean that commissioners will find they have less money available per person. The pressures include an increasing and ageing population; rising inflation; changes to NHS tariff prices; rising cost of nursing care; and innovation costs.

CCGs have been promised a 2% increase in funding each year until 2019/20 — but taking inflation into account, this represents an increase of just 0.6%. Factor in population growth, and the budget shrinks by 0.48%. NHS Clinical Commissioners says this translates as £5.72 less to spend on each person.

NHS Clinical Commissioners is calling on health ministers to ensure the money promised before the election is allocated in the next two years. It also called for realism about what the NHS can deliver under these constraints; support for local decision-making; and ring-fenced funding for transformation.

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NHS Clinical Commissioners: The shrinking value of the commissioning pound