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Diabetes prevention programme to be expanded across the country

Will educating people at risk slow down the increase in cases of Type 2 diabetes?

The Healthier You programme, run by Public Health England, Diabetes UK and NHS England, is set to cover a further 25% of the population, with up to 50,000 more places. The programme already covers 26m people, almost half the population, in 27 areas.

The help received at the sessions is personalised to the individual and includes advice on healthy eating and exercise. Some 18,000 people are already on the scheme.

People at risk of developing type 2 diabetes are referred to the programme by their GP and can choose to attend. The  series of sessions focus on how to  reduce blood sugar levels through changes in diet and exercise.

According to NHS England nearly half of those who attend sessions are men, which is a much higher proportion than those who traditionally sign up to weight loss programmes.

Chief executive of Public Health England Duncan Selbie said more people than ever before now suffer from type 2 diabetes, which is a largely preventable disease. Through education the programme is helping people take control of their health, he said.

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