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[On-demand webinar] Shape the Market: Launching a Product to the NHS in 2024

We are delighted to invite you to register for on-demand webinar from January 2024 – Shape the Market: Launching a Product to the NHS in 2024

In the webinar, Wilmington Healthcare regular Oli Hudson is joined by Innovation and Strategy Director, Jonathan Carney and guest contributor Industry Commercial Effectiveness Director, Stuart Shotton, to address:

  • What are the principle challenges in launching a product with regards to the NHS sales environment?
  • Why doesn’t the NHS engage with you – and how do you turn that around?
  • Are companies pursuing the ‘traditional clinical sell’ missing out – and what other approaches are valid?
  • Does your company ‘resource to potential’ before launch – and what are the pitfalls of not having the right fieldforce?
  • What territories are right to pursue for your product?

If you’re involved in a product launch to the NHS there’s a lot to consider in terms of prioritisation, segmentation and targeting, value proposition, messaging, resourcing, leveraging policy and local intelligence, so don’t miss the invaluable insights from this webinar. Smart companies are making full use of disease treater data and sophisticated account management tools to set up a solid foundation for launch. Data and intelligence is also critical to put together a persuasive value proposition and establish where your product fits in with NHS pathways and systems.

Simply complete the form to register for the live webinar: