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Leaked Labour manifesto promises radical plans for health

A Labour Party government would repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and halt the 44 sustainability and transformation plans, redrawing them ‘with a focus on patient need rather than available finances’.

The pledges come in a leaked draft manifesto for the 8 June general election that also promises to reverse privatisation of NHS services and impose legal requirements on the Health Secretary and NHS England to prevent ‘excessive private profits’. In addition, an extra £6bn per year would be found for the health service.

Among other things, the manifesto says the Health Secretary would be given more powers and financial oversight of the system; there would be a new body to oversee spending; and a £250m children’s health fund would be set up.


  • If the polls are right, these pledges are likely to come to nothing in the aftermath of a Conservative landslide victor. However, policies such as these are also likely to be very popular, particularly among many in the health service who have campaigned for years to get the Health and Social care Act 2012 scrapped and more money pumped into the NHS

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