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The Acute care course provides the basic knowledge required for commercial sales and service personnel to safely carry out their professional duties in acute care environments in the NHS in England.
It describes the expectations placed upon company representatives in terms of behaviour, etiquette and common working practices within the acute environment, as well as the correct measures which should be taken to ensure the safety of staff working in these areas.


Three modules and a ten question exam (drawn from all modules).

  • The acute care environment
  • Clinical trials and safety
  • Acute care
  • the essentials

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the main features of and differences between the major acute care environments
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the bedside environment in each care area
  • Identify the roles of key healthcare personnel within the acute care area
  • Describe the importance of patient confidentiality
  • Discuss concerns over the presence of company representatives in the acute care environment
  • Describe the process for the purchasing or loan of medical equipment
  • Identify the key factors in running a clinical trial
  • Discuss issues surrounding equipment safety, adverse incident reporting, medical device alerts and field safety notices
  • Describe the essential information required for visiting the acute care area
  • Identify main areas of risk and to provide knowledge to avoid harm
  • Discuss the processes for ensuring safety and hygiene
  • Identify relevant issues for prevention of cross infection, decontamination and health and safety within each environment

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