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NHS England describes contracting for accountable care models

How does NHS England describe the process of contracting for accountable care models?

NHS England has published a report on contracting for accountable care models.

The document describes how some new models of care, such as multispecialty community providers and primary and acute care systems, are preparing to develop into accountable care organisations (ACOs) with greater control over decision making, designing care for local populations and allocation of resources.

It also clarifies the difference between accountable care systems (ACSs) — ‘evolved versions of sustainability and transformation partnerships’ — and ACOs, and how the contract package is applied.

The document repeats the view set out in Next steps on the five year forward view that most of the new models of care will be ‘looking to become ACSs before they consider whether to introduce ACOs for some or all of their local population’ because of the ‘lengthy and complex’ nature of the change.

Further information

NHS England: Integrating care: contracting for accountable models NHS England