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NHS planning for ‘no deal’ Brexit

What is the NHS doing to prepare for a no deal Brexit?


NHS England boss Simon Stevens told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday that there is significant planning being done to prepare the NHS for a ‘no deal’ Brexit.


Pharma and medtech have voiced concern about the prospect of leaving the EU in under a year’s time without a deal that secures continuation of the smooth import and export of medical supplies.


A no deal Brexit means the EU and the UK fail to reach an understanding on how trade will be conducted between them before the March 2019 deadline. For example, pharma industry leaders are asking what will be the future of the 45m packs of medicine that go from the UK to the EU every month and the 37m packs that come the other way.


Mr Stevens said: ‘In terms of ensuring continued supplies for all the thing that we need in this country, at the top of the list has got to be those medical supplies.’


The Parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee has also raised concerns about the implications of Brexit for the future of medical research and development without UK/EU collaboration.


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