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[On-demand Webinar] The NHS in Crisis: Can Industry support service survival?

With workforce, finances, energy, access, waiting times and care backlogs all in crisis nationwide, exactly how bleak is the outlook for the service and how will all this impact its relationship with Industry?

On-demand webinar – The NHS in Crisis: Can Industry support service survival?

In our most recent webinar, from 5 October, Wilmington Healthcare’s team of NHS insiders and Industry experts, Paul Midgley, Oli Hudson, principal consultant Jyotika Singh, and head of consultancy Rahul Pasumarthy explored what industry, technology, devices and medical services should offer to help pull the NHS through these extraordinary, challenging times.

The panel considered these questions in the light of the NHS’s current overwhelming challenges:

  • How will the NHS react to the crisis?
  • How is it likely to affect customer priorities?
  • What will it do to spending and cuts with regard to medicines and devices?
  • What can industry do to be the best possible partner to the NHS during this unprecedented multi-faceted crisis?

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