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Parliament explores Brexit impact on medtech and pharma

What will be Brexit’s impact on medicines and devices?

UK Parliament’s Health Select Committee has called for submissions on how to guarantee supply of medicines, medical devices and products following Brexit.

The committee has launched an inquiry into regulatory arrangements that must be put in place from March 2019.

Committee members say a smooth transition is needed because there are major implications for the future of medical research and development.

Among questions the committee requests written submissions on (by 26 October) are:

  • What are the key considerations that arise for companies, healthcare services and regulatory bodies in the UK as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU? Focusing on patients and the public, what needs to be done to ensure that any adverse impact is minimised or eliminated, and that opportunities to enhance services are maximised?
  • Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, what alternative arrangements for the regulation of medicines, medical devices, medical products and substances of human origin could be introduced?
  • What arrangements are needed to ensure the safe, effective and timely supply of medical radioisotopes over the short, medium and long term?
  • What are the implications for medical research and development, including for the timely patient access to new medicines, technologies and other relevant medical innovations developed within or outside the UK?

Further information

Parliament: Inquiry: Brexit — medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin