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Partnership aims to increase uptake of new medicines

Will partnership’s efforts to increase uptake of new medicines improve the lives of staff and patients?

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) and the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) have formed a five-year partnership to increase the uptake of transformative biomedical innovation into the NHS.

The two groups hope to increase collaboration between member companies.

The focus will be on the national priority areas of the AHSN, which include economic growth, research, genomics and personalised medicine, diagnostics and medicines optimisation.

Chief executive of the ABPI Mike Thompson said patients will be able to benefit from the innovative medicines and technologies of the future faster and more consistently as a result of the partnership.

The collaboration will also see the launch of five digital health accelerators across the UK. These include a mental health app designed to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and an app ‘that helps reduce the risk of falls by assessing and tracking lifestyle and risk factors of care home residents’.

Chair of the AHSN Professor Mike Hannay said the NHS will get better identification of products and services and companies will benefit from a consistent offering from whichever AHSN they are working with, because of the partnership.

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