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Pharma stockpiling drugs to counter Brexit disruption

What measures is pharma using to protect drug supply from no-deal Brexit?


Pharma giants Sanofi and Novartis are stockpiling medicines to prepare for potential supply disruption following a no-deal Brexit.


It follows news in July that AstraZeneca was also increasing its stockpile of drugs by about 20%.


Sanofi is said to be increasing its stocks by four weeks to give it a 14-week supply of medicines. Reported by the BBC, the company’s managing director Hugo Fry said the move was in line with recommendations by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations.


A statement from Novartis said it was planning to ‘hold increased inventories across our portfolio of medicines from both Novartis and Sandoz’.


The moves are intended to protect patient safety by offsetting potential transport and regulatory disruption between the UK and the EU if no trade deal is reached.


In July, the recently appointed Health Secretary Matt Hancock told the Health Select Committee that the NHS in England was preparing to stockpile medicines and blood in case the UK left the EU without a deal.


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