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Royal Wolverhampton Trust plans further expansion of GP practice chain

Is there any evidence that vertical integration can bring benefits?


The Royal Wolverhampton Trust is planning to take over eight more GP practices in its area.


The move is currently in the ‘due diligence’ stage, but if successful the number of trust-run practices in Wolverhampton will be 17 out of the total of 42. This is believed to be the more than any other chain of practices operated by an acute trust.


Wolverhampton’s established trust-run practices are said to have reduced emergency admissions by 9% and increased numbers of GP consultations.


In 2016 the trust launched a vertical integration programme taking over responsibility for running GP services for three practices. The number of practices taken over by trust was later increased by a further nine practices.


The trust hopes to offer support services such as recruitment and back office functions to practices that do not join its integration programme.


Further information

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