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Soundbites from the NHS

Soundbites from the NHS provides insight and examples of practical applications of implementing policy at system level. Aimed for our NHS audiences and industry partners, Jyotika Singh, Principal Consultant at Wilmington Healthcare, will be exploring:

  • The delegation of specialised commissioning
  • How data is being used to measure healthcare inequalities, and what data points the NHS is looking at
  • The preparation of a new workforce with the new pharmacist prescribes coming out in 2026
  • Collaborative working and partnerships


Delegation of specialised commissioning

Series 1: Delegation of specialised commissioning

At the end of 2023 there was a policy document that came out from NHS England, that looked at how services were going to be delegated.

In this episode, we speak to Mohammed Asghar, Associate Director of Pharmacy: Prescribing Governance at Frimley Health and Care ICS. We will be talking about the delegation of specialised commissioning and what does it mean for 2024/25 and what do you need to consider.

Watch here.


State of health and healthcare inequalities

Series 2: State of health and healthcare inequalities

In this episode, we are joined by Andi Orlowski, Health Economist & Director of the Health Economics Unit. A senior advisor on Population Health Management for NHS England and currently doing a PhD at Imperial College London.

Health inequalities are worse today than ever before. We will be discussing the importance of focusing on these issues, how we can address them, and what the ICS’s are currently looking at.

Watch here.


The workforce

Series 3: The Workforce: Pharmacist 

In this episode, we speak to Danny Bartlett, a Board Member for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton, and Lead Pharmacist at Horsham Central PCN.

Last year, in 2023 the workforce plan came out, setting out the landscape of how the workforce will be shaped going forward and what we are trying to achieve. We will be discussing workforce in terms of pharmacists.

In 2026, we will have a number of pharmacists that are prescribers. How are we training up this workforce to take on all these new roles being required of them?

Watch here.


Collaborative working and partnerships

Series 4: Collaborative working – Insight from an ICB

Joined by Ellen Rule, Director of Transformation in Gloucestershire, also Deputy Chief Executive at Gloucestershire ICB. Talking about collaborative working vs partnerships, and how does the NHS look at both – and what the difference is.

Watch here

Series 5: Collaborative working – Insight from a PCN

In this series, we are joined by David Thorne, Transformation Director at Well Up North PCN, who will explaining how they have bought about transformation through collaborative working and partnership working within their PCN.

Watch here