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[Whitepaper download] State of the Nation: A comprehensive, retrospective view of NHS data

Wilmington Healthcare is proud to announce the publication of the latest version of our NHS data and analysis compendium, State of the Nation.

Assembled by our expert team of analysts from a wide range of NHS and public health data, State of the nation offers key insights extrapolated from the latest available figures – establishing how new trends in healthcare activity, patient numbers, disease burden, NHS operational practice, prescribing and regional variation have emerged.

The report groups the data into seven key areas:

  • Hospital Episode Statistics
  • Demographic Segmentation and Health Inequalities
  • Therapy Area Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator Analysis
  • Workforce Insights
  • Prescribing Insights
  • Regional Insights

State of the Nation is led by the data and features revealing graphs and infographics that tell many stories of challenges and variation within the NHS. Each graph is accompanied by an explanatory text demonstrating the issues and offering some objective commentary on what the data shows us. The paper includes a foreword from Wilmington Healthcare’s director of Innovation and Strategy, Jonathan Carney.

State of the Nation is freely available for download now and will be of interest to anyone seeking to partner with, supply to or support the NHS in addressing these challenges.

Complete the form below to download our State of the Nation report 2023.


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