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UK BIA warns life sciences industry may be lost without political commitment

Will life sciences sector be lot without more political co-operation?

UK BioIndustry Association officials say the UK’s life sciences industry could be lost without lasting political commitment.

In a report that has been produced as the general election politicking gets under way, the body argues that despite the efforts of successive governments to support the UK life science sector and encourage uptake of innovation, policies have not been fully implemented or led to lasting change.

The report states that political parties ‘should think creatively about how to harness the unique strengths of the NHS, as a single integrated system, to bolster UK life sciences in the face of global competition for investment’.

It also urges the government to speed up adoption of recommendations made for an accelerated access review, which have been on hold since 2014.

The report also underlines that, just before Parliament shut down for the general election, it adopted an amendment to the Health Service Medical Supplies (Cost) Bill that will require future governments to consult on the ‘economic consequences for the life sciences industry’ and impact on patients when introducing cost-containment measures for new medicines.

Industry impact

  • Life sciences contributes a lot to the UK economy, so it has some influence to exert on government thinking. The problem may be getting itself heard above all the other claims and demands filling the politicians’ ears now

Further information

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