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[Video short] Launch Excellence Series #2: Healthcare Equity

Launch Excellence: Data, Insight, and Making the Case for Change – Healthcare Equity

Acting on good data can make all the difference in a successful product launch to the NHS. In this, our second video in a series of six, we discuss the importance of supporting healthcare equity. Improving equity of access and service, and reaching out to marginalised groups is a huge theme in the NHS at the moment. When launching, have you taken into account how your product could benefit socioeconomically deprived patients and what steps you could take to assist the NHS in getting them onto pathway?

The series of six video shorts cover different aspects of the data: activity and recovery, healthcare equity, therapy areas, prescribing insights, workforce insights, and regional insights and follow on from the publication of Wilmington Healthcare’s comprehensive NHS Data Compendium State of the Nation.

In each video our Director of Innovation and Strategy Jonathan Carney explores how insights gained from this data can be used to make a compelling case for change and allow the NHS to gain the most benefit from your product, service or device. Data such as this can be used to highlight national and local issues, streamline pathways, transform services, improve access, assist healthcare equity, create capacity and save time and resources.