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What we do

Digital Learning Academy

For the most effective way of increasing your NHS market access, sales and partnerships, Wilmington Healthcare’s leading online NHS learning resource for NHS suppliers, the Digital Learning Academy provides easy access to the greatest depth and breadth of NHS knowledge. Users will build their credibility with NHS customers, creating effective partnerships and delivering commercial success.

At this time we are providing our Digital Learning Academy clients with  an expert webinar series to help industry better understand the impact of the covid-19 pandemic and better support your NHS customers. Register to view our last webinar on-demand here.

All our courses are accessible on any device, so you can build knowledge and confidence through interactive content, anytime, anywhere.


Introduction to the Digital Learning Academy

Learn more about our online training and resources, including understanding the NHS, ABPI and compliance, KAM or therapy-specific training and content.

Take a look at how the Digital Learning Academy delivers an intuitive learning experience. Discover how you can empower and upskill your organisation through improved knowledge and insight, ensure your teams are compliant with the latest industry code, and build credibility with healthcare professionals for strengthened NHS partnerships and increased competitive advantage.

Call our team on 01268 495600 or click here to email: Jack Carty to find out more and book a demo.

Key benefits

  1. Build knowledge and confidence to effectively engage with healthcare and procurement professionals
  2. Better position your organisation as a trusted partner with the NHS
  3. Create confident teams that are highly credible with your NHS customers
  4. Engaging content for improved knowledge retention and recall
  5. Content is presented effectively on any device so users are not ‘desk-bound’ for learning
  6. Increased reassurance that teams are accessing the best learning with our industry-leading content
  7. Learning on demand: you can leave a course and pick up again later, exactly where you left off
  8. Team leaders and training managers are able to monitor and track progress at different levels
  9. Greater confidence that your compliance and training objectives are met, with improved reporting
  10. Timely reviews of the NHS summarising the main areas of change that are affecting your customers in the NHS in England

Training Managers

Enable your teams to access complete coverage of the NHS environment in a way that’s quick and engaging.

Help them meet their learning needs and objectives by motivating them to maximise all training resources and keep abreast of NHS developments, policies and constraints.

Robust training around compliance and the latest industry code ensures peace of mind and by confidently demonstrating enhanced customer insight they will strengthen partnerships with clients.

Monitor progress at different levels and schedule a variety of reports to track usage. The interactive content enables greater knowledge retention and allows you to maximise training resource and justify investment.

Team leaders

Empower your team so they can effectively engage with healthcare professionals and procurement leads.

Instant access to quality content on all devices ensures you gain competitive advantage through specific knowledge and insight.

Help your team gain confidence and credibility as they position themselves as clinical experts with healthcare partners. Effective reporting identifies knowledge gaps and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Easily monitor your team’s progress to ensure compliance and training needs are being met.