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New course – ABPI Code of Practice 2021

Our expert course covers everything you and your teams need to know to get up to speed with the new 2021 ABPI Code of Practice. In five accessible modules it covers the Code update, which incorporates the new ABPI principles, highlighting the requirements that industry must comply with to self-regulate and operate in a professional, ethical and transparent manner.

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ABPI 2021 Code of Practice

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) 2021 Code of Practice will come into effect on 1 July 2021. Published in January 2021, the new Code is the most significant update in years.

Although the foundations of the Code remain the same, the structure has undergone a dramatic change.  There are important new requirements and features that companies need to be aware of and the Code also embodies the new ABPI Principles that they expect companies to start building into their culture and ways of doing business.

The easiest way to get your organisation up to speed with the new ABPI Code is with our new course – five modules cover everything you and your teams need to know to meet the new requirements.

Course modules:

  • ABPI Code 2021: Introduction
  • ABPI Code 2021 clauses 1-10: Overarching requirements
  • ABPI Code 2021 clauses 11-17: Rules governing interactions –  Covers promotion to health professionals (HCPs) and other relevant decision makers (ORDMs)
  • ABPI Code 2021 clauses 18-27: More rules governing interactions – Covers the code clauses governing interactions with health professionals and other decision makers, the public and patients, patient organisations and market research
  • ABPI 2021 clauses 28-31: Annual Disclosure Requirements

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Key benefits

  • Wilmington Healthcare’s expert in-house editorial team have produced the most comprehensive and accessible learning course available on the new Code
  • Learners can take advantage of a digital course that’s quicky accessible from any device, which keeps track of progress so they can easily fit their training around other priorities
  • Our specialist engagement team will support team leaders and training managers to drive a programme that works for their team and their own timetable, supported by in-depth course monitoring and reporting
  • Senior leaders championing the new ABPI principles can feel confident their organisation has made the right choice with the leading NHS training and compliance solution, the Digital Learning Academy
  • Our courses have supported industry to meet their compliance goals for over 20 years – we are trusted by NHS suppliers