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What we do

Therapy Area Courses

The Digital Learning Academy provides access to essential knowledge on a range of topics tailored specifically for anyone seeking to work more effectively with the NHS.

We offer a broad range of therapy area courses, each of which is designed to give you in-depth knowledge, so that you can meet effectively with NHS professionals, align you offering and engage in successful conversations.




  • Diabetes in the NHS
  • What is the anatomical basis of diabetes?
  • What is the pathology of diabetes?

Cardiovascular Disease:

  • Cardiovascular disease: Anatomy
  • Cardiovascular disease: Pathology of CVD conditions


Respiratory Disease:

  • What is the pathology of asthma?
  • What is the pathology of COPD?
  • Chronic respiratory conditions: anatomy and physiology


  • Principles of cancer pathology
  • Oncology in the NHS


Mental Health In The NHS:

  • Mental health in the NHS—parts 1 & 2


HIV in the NHS:

  • HIV in the NHS



  • What is genomics?
  • The government’s attitude to genomics
  • Government policy


  • Dermatology in the NHS


This world class learning management system provides an interactive and engaging experience that offers fast and easy access through any device to the most relevant NHS information and learning resources.


Discover how you can empower and upskill your organisation through improved knowledge and insight, ensure your teams are compliant with the latest industry code, and build credibility with healthcare professionals for strengthened NHS partnerships and increased competitive advantage.

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