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Disease insight reports

Anaemia: Opportunities in surgical care – disease insight report

People with Iron Deficiency Anaemia are at higher risk of overall poor health and comorbidities, which can have a significant impact on NHS budgets. Early identification and treatment present a simple opportunity for both improving patient outcomes and generating efficiencies for the NHS.

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With competing demands on commissioners, why should the focus be on anaemia? Clinically and economically it makes sense to introduce and/or formalise simple pre-emptive care measures into existing care processes before patients with anaemia reach the point of needing blood transfusion. Blood is clearly a limited resource and ideally transfusion should be reserved for emergencies.

Our disease insight report, Anaemia: Opportunities in surgical care, has been produced to focus attention on methods of substantially improving the burden of pre-operative care for patients with anaemia and the unnecessary strain that this places on NHS resources.

Download the full Disease Insight Report.


  • “Strong evidence indicates that pre-operative anaemia is not simply an abnormal laboratory value; it is rather an important modifiable risk factor for peri-operative morbidity and mortality.”

    British Society for Haematology, 2015