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Disease insight reports

Impact of covid on neurology patients during wave 1

The Neurological Alliance and Wilmington Healthcare have together developed a short report examining the impact of Covid-19 on NHS outpatient and inpatient activity in March – June 2020 compared to March – June 2019. The analysis shows a sharp decrease in activity, with different specialisms and different condition groups impacted differently.

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Data from more than 300 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Trusts within England has been analysed in order to gauge the scale of the impact Covid-19 had on the care of those with neurological conditions. This can help provide insight into the areas where the most attention should be given in the future, so that those with neurological conditions do not need to be impacted more as a result of lack of treatment during this pandemic.

Wilmington Healthcare provided an initial cut of Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), which contained information on neurological inpatient and outpatient activity in both March – June 2019 and March – June 2020, and data on the spells of those with neurological conditions who contracted COVID-19 in March – June 2020.

Key findings include:

  • More than 16,000 people with pre-existing neurological conditions were hospitalised with Covid-19 during March – June 2020
  • Rehabilitation services were impacted in particular, with more than 20,000 fewer appointments taking place in March – June 2020 compared to the same period last year

View the full report.