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Disease insight reports

One-size MS service does not fit all – poster

Overall estimates indicate there are more than 131,000 people in the UK with multiple sclerosis (MS). This translates to 1 in every 500 people in the UK living with MS. In a poster produced for the 37th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS), we assessed comorbidities, inpatient admission and their associated costs in patients with MS based on socio-economic status and deprivation across four ICS areas in England.

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This poster looks at a range of factors including socio-economic status and deprivation, comorbidities, emergency admissions and ongoing health and care structures in England to determine the well-being gaps for patients living with MS.

Some conclusions include:

  • While a well-being gap in the United Kingdom has long been recognised, the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic may have exacerbated differences in health outcomes between the most and least deprived populations, and this further strengthens the case for better collaboration between health, social care, and community providers
  • Since socio-economic status is a key determinant of health outcomes, it is imperative that solutions are broader than “just” proactive and preventive care
  • Population management is a key aspect for targeting health inequalities and requires a deeper understanding of the local populations and economies, including broader systemic issues

Download the poster for full details of the study.

Available downloads

ECTRIMS 2021 Poster