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[Whitepaper download] Looking Ahead: A guide to working effectively with the NHS for suppliers in 2023 and beyond

Download our latest white paper to understand the practical shifts that Industry must undertake to facilitate its relationships with NHS decision makers, purchasers, providers and pharmacists in 2023 and beyond.

The NHS faces unprecedented challenges this year and to respond to these, and Industry will need to adapt its approach, its offer and the types of organisations it works with, this means a change to:

  • Reason for Engagement: Moving from Selling to Effectively communicating a Value Proposition
  • Mode of Engagement: Optimising Engagement using the best mix of staffing roles and channels
  • Place of Engagement: Choosing the right Places and Systems where there is better alignment

The paper examines the changes to five core areas of the NHS business environment and explore how industry should respond. These areas include NHS policy, changes to finance and commissioning, stakeholders in the NHS, pathways and service re-design and the role of Industry.

The paper is produced by Wilmington Healthcare’s  Thought Leadership team, co-authored by content director Oli Hudson and head of consultancy Rahul Pasumarthy,  both of whom lend their extensive knowledge of the NHS and Industry to the paper.

To understand the shift to the reason, mode and place of Industry engagement with the NHS, simply complete the form below to download a copy of the white paper.