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[On-demand webinar] Looking ahead 2023: Supporting a critically challenged NHS

We are delighted to invite you to register for our on-demand webinar – Looking ahead 2023: Supporting a critically challenged NHS

The webinar took place on: Wednesday 25 January 2023

Join our expert Wilmington Healthcare panel:

The panel delivered key insights into achieving success in a challenged healthcare sales environment by addressing critical questions such as:

  • How is the integrated NHS now working?
  • What can we learn from ICS 5-year plans and what treatment areas will different systems prioritise?
  • With a return to PBR for electives and ICS-level budgets, what will the financial picture of the NHS look like?
  • Are we looking at a year of spending restraint and efficiencies, and if so, what are the best ways of navigating this?
  • How have pathways changed and what impact has out-of-hospital care and digital transformation affected services?
  • How well does your product or service sit within the current thinking?

Watch the webinar recording to understand the role of Industry this year – what will have to change about the way life science engages with the NHS customer, and what kinds of approaches will land best with clinical customers and other stakeholders?

Simply complete the form to register and watch the on-demand webinar: