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Optimising commercial effectiveness

Commercial Optimisation is our market-leading healthcare consultancy service that maximises the commercial effectiveness of go-to-market strategies for Pharma and MedTech.

Enhancing the go-to-market process at any stage of the product lifecycle, Commercial Optimisation utilises multi factorial evidence and cutting-edge analytic tools to deliver data-driven insights that stratify the NHS localities and customers, thereby offering maximum commercial opportunity.

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Optimising healthcare go-to-market strategies

Regardless of the stage in a healthcare product’s lifecycle, Commercial Optimisation provides evidence-based business intelligence that maximises the commercial effectiveness of go-to-market strategies.

Our healthcare consultancy service is built upon an established set of tried and trusted methodologies, supported by our insight and analytics tools, to develop robust benchmarks, identify customer segments with the highest propensity for change and determine optimal resource strategies.

Delivering competitive advantage

Our sophisticated process is tailored to meet the requirements of our clients.

Commercial Optimisation quantifies exactly what success looks like and generates the insight to create local tactics and value propositions that resonate with your customers.

Key benefits

  • Benchmarking and diagnostics
    Understanding the driving forces behind sales success and analysing how products are really being prescribed to develop meaningful benchmarks.
  • Customer and account segmentation
    Identifying the localities and specific customers that offer the maximum commercial potential and the highest propensity to increase or change prescribing behaviour.
  • Resource optimisation
    Analysing market conditions to develop evidence-based resource optimisation strategies.
  • Tactical planning
    Developing bespoke localised planning strategies to support field forces in maximising effectiveness by aligning your proposition to the needs, conditions and behaviours of the local health economy.
  • Monitoring effectiveness and ROI
    Providing the tools and analytics to assess success, track changes in the local customer environment, and provide insight and refinements to your tactics and plans – ensuring that you continually improve effectiveness and return on investment.

[Webinar] Commercial Optimisation in the New NHS – what it means for you

Watch our view on-demand webinar which explores why, in such a challenging time for the NHS, it’s a great time to consider commercial optimisation, and what it could do for your company.

The webinar took place on Wednesday 25th November 2020 and focused on the different types of commercial optimisation and explored the sales environment emerging after Covid and the NHS Reset.

Watch the webinar.


Optimising commercial effectiveness in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape

Wilmington Healthcare’s Oli Hudson and Commercial Optimisation Director, Julian Snape, discuss the challenges for the life sciences and MedTech industries of engaging with customers in a rapidly evolving NHS and the value of optimising go-to-market strategies.

Accelerating brand performance

Our healthcare consultants work closely with our Pharma and MedTech clients to understand their business objectives so we can better support them in prioritising and accelerating the performance of product, brand or therapy portfolio.

Our extensive range of healthcare datasets and analytic tools is underpinned by the consultancy team’s deep knowledge of the NHS and life sciences industry; we consistently deliver tangible financial results.

To find out how we can optimise the commercial effectiveness of your go-to-market strategies, complete the form below and one of our healthcare consultants will be in touch shortly.