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Integrated Care Systems

Integrated care systems (ICSs) are now seen by NHS leaders as the future of health and care integration in England. The ongoing development of ICSs presents both challenges and opportunities for how industry engages and does business with the health service. Wilmington Healthcare brings you the latest developments within integrated care and a selection of resources to help you understand and build relationships with these key organisations.

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Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) bring together NHS, local authority and third sector bodies to take on responsibility for the resources and health of an area or ‘system’. Their aim is to deliver better, more integrated care for patients. Since April 2021, all parts of England have been covered by one of 42 ICSs. All 42 are expected to be fully operational by April 2022.

With ICSs having greater control of funding and performance, connecting with these key contacts is essential for developing and nurturing future relationships with the NHS.

100% coverage of ICS accounts

At Wilmington Healthcare, we have 100% coverage of ICS accounts, including pivotal roles such as:

  • Chairperson
  • Chief Executive/General Manager
  • Strategic Clinical Lead
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Nursing
  • ICS Lead
  • Programme Director
  • Transformation Lead

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are also intended to form an important part of the future NHS architecture. NHS England have described them as the ‘building blocks’ of ICSs. Each PCN will support and shape emerging ICSs through their appointed clinical director, who will give a voice to primary care in developing local plans in line with the NHS Long-term plan.

Find out more about our PCN contact data and resources.

Our contact data is regularly verified and updated by our team of specialist researchers; giving you the quality, targeted data you need and the reassurance that you will be GDPR compliant. For a full list of our healthcare contact data click here.

Stay up to date with the evolving NHS, as it happens 

All these structural and personnel changes are also incorporated into our Investigator XD platform. Investigator XD connects all your healthcare data and insights in a single platform so you can optimise your go-to-market strategies and build relationships with customers that last.

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ICS resources

[Download] The NHS Landscape

With just a year to go until integrated care systems are made legal entities, now is the time to explore the new stakeholders, structures, processes and novel features of the new model NHS – to ensure you and your company know what to expect.

Our white paper The New NHS Landscape examines how the new NHS structure will impact how Industry engages and does business with the health service.

Download the report here

The New NHS Landscape will examine what is new in terms of structure, finance, contracting, medicines funding, decision-making, pathways and the opportunities this presents for Industry.

[Map] Visualise the new ICS and commissioning landscape

Our new commissioning map provides detailed insight into integrated care and commissioning services across England. Plotted on the map is the latest ICSs and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) within each ICS.