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Data, marketing and marketing insight

Healthcare Customer Data

Wilmington Healthcare can help you find and reach your key audience quickly and effectively. Our suite of up-to-date and compliant databases features more than 450,000 senior management and healthcare professional contacts – all regularly verified and updated by our team of specialist researchers. We provide the quality targeted data you need as well as specialist marketing expertise to ensure your campaign execution delivers the right outcomes.

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Key benefits

With our unrivalled insight and data accuracy:

  • identify key organisations and people within the new NHS landscape
  • understand your customers decision making priorities locally and nationally
  • inform and optimise your go-to-market plans and decision making
  • engage your target NHS customers with purpose and build relationships with the right people


“We rely on Wilmington Healthcare Data to support our commercial and marketing activities. They have the most accurate and relevant datasets to effectively target our NHS stakeholders and provide outstanding customer service, being both responsive and flexible to our needs”
Ben Walsh,  Head of Marketing, Oxe Health

The UK’s leader in healthcare staff data

We can help you engage with the right decision-makers for you. Our databases are the most comprehensive and up-to-date available. Our team of researchers is trusted by the NHS which allows us to regularly verify and update our contact information, whilst providing the flexibility to tailor the data collected to meet our clients’ needs.

We know who’s who in the NHS

-Hospital doctors
-Specialist nurses
-NHS management

Our close relationship with the NHS (which often sources our data) means that we are a trusted source of NHS data, keeping our response rates high and our return rates low. Whether you’re looking to conduct a marketing campaign or a research project, our NHS data can be purchased for one-off use, under license or as a CRM feed. You can also select our data with a variety of filters to ensure you end up with a targeted dataset that suits your exact requirements and budget.

For more information on the >450,000 senior management and healthcare professional contacts we hold, or to request a data count tailored to your needs email info@wilmingtonhealthcare.

  • “Wilmington Healthcare provides us with the insight & the data that enables us to really understand what is happening at a local level, to design our solutions and work with customers knowing their goals and priorities.”

  • “Wilmington Healthcare is proactive in providing information about changes in the data, reducing the ‘legwork’ for clients.”

  • “You understand our needs, understand what it is we’re trying to achieve and then help us design the solutions or provide the information in a way that will fit into what we’re trying to do.”

CRM and data services

The lifeline of any successful business is its CRM system. You can have the most sophisticated software on the market, but unless you populate it with accurate data and maintain the data integrity, then its value will be diminished. Wilmington Healthcare has over 470,000 contacts that can be selected from, integrated into and managed within your CRM system. For us, CRM also stands for clean, revalidate and maintain.

We offer:

  • Additional research
  • Rep-activated mailings
  • Managed lists
  • Integration with other datasets

Full list of our health and social care databases:

Allied Health Professionals
GP Practices
Healthcare in Ireland
Healthcare Interest Groups
Hospital Doctors
Local Government Management
Medical Laboratory Professionals
Medicines Management
NHS Commissioning
NHS Estates & Facilities Management
NHS Management
NHS Pharmacists
Nursing & Care Homes
Operating Theatres & Diagnostics
Private Hospitals
Retail Pharmacists
Speciality Nurses